Organisers & Sponsors


Sarah Coulthurst, University of Dundee UK


Daniel Humphreys, University of Sheffield, UK

Organising Committee

Sarah Coulthurst, Daniel Humphreys, Holger Barth, Peter Sebo, Marek Basler, Christoph Dehio, Victor Torres, Karla Satchell, Juliane Bubeck-Wardenburg, Nuno Santos, Vassilis Koronakis, Andreas Rummel, Gilles Prevost, Teresa Frisan, Cesare Montecucco, Carmen Buchrieser, Stefan Raunser

Sponsorship and support from our organisations

Thank you to the Company of Biologists for funding that makes ETOX 2023  easier to attend and helps make us a sustainable meeting

Thank you to the University of Dundee for technical and admin support

Thank you to the University of Sheffield for technical and admin support

Sponsorship Opportunities

ETOX would not be possible without the valued contribution of our sponsors and we welcome contact from parties interested in supporting our meeting through sponsorship of ETOX 2023.